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Using the DSi and DSi XL consoles.

Posted by admin on May 11, 2011 (Comments Closed)as , ,

For many gamers, the Nintendo DS is one of the best inventions ever released by a gaming console company. It created a stir when it was first launched and many individuals today still use the Nintendo DS even with newer game consoles have been released. Newer versions or models from Nintendo include the Nintendo DS lite and the DSi. Many have been wondering about the difference between the two, as they look very similar. Closer inspection and actual usage will reveal that the two have unique features. If you are using the DS or the DS lite but are planning to change your handheld game console to the DSi, here are some things you might want to know.

The Nintendo DS lite has almost the same dimensions as the DSi. If you look closer, you might notice that the DSi is actually thinner than the DS or the DS lite. To be more exact, the DSi is 12% thinner than the previous model. For some, that difference may not really have a very big impact and may not even be noticed, but in today’s world where everything must be compact and handy, that 12% really counts. When the purpose of handheld game consoles is to be portable, every centimeter or inch removed is a big advantage. In addition, a thinner console will also mean that it weighs lighter. The DSi is 214 grams while the DS lite is 218 grams. Gamers also adore the DSi for its larger screen. It provides a better display for an enhanced game enjoyment. The screen of the DSi measures 3.25 inches but the DS lite screen is at 3 inches. The DSi’s larger screen also provides a better experience for the user’s web browsing.

Portable game consoles have really revolutionized the gaming world. With its advent, people can bring the fun to any place. Waiting for their dentist, standing in line in the bank, or just sitting in the subway on their way home – they can always play their game. People carry around their DS, DS lite, or DSi and just bring it out when they want instant entertainment. Naturally, portable game consoles needed to have a battery that can last for a few hours at least. If the battery runs out immediately, then it could be disadvantageous. It beats the purpose of having a portable entertainment system. The DS and the DS lite have decent battery life span, however, the DSi is known to have a shorter battery life. Perhaps, Nintendo will improve this aspect in the future.

Other factors that will make you favor the DSi over the DS and the DS lite is that it has two cameras and a built-in flash. The DS lite has no cameras for the user to enjoy. As mentioned above, DSi owners have the capacity to browse the Internet due to the device’s built-in web browser. An SD card is also included in the DSi. The DSi battery charges faster, completing its charging in just 30 minutes. That is approximately 1/6 of the charging time for the DS lite battery. You will really enjoy upgrading your DS and DS lite to a DSi as it has a more elegant interface. The menu of the DSi is a lot like the design of the Wii Channel. Have fun with the DSi programs such as Picto Chat, DSi Sound, DSi Camera, Dowload Carry Out, and the DSi Sound.