Gateway 3DS – advantages and disadvantages

Posted by admin on August 25, 2012as , ,

Gateway 3DS flashcard was the first one to roll out for Nintendo 3DS consoles. Since then, several other flashcards have rolled out and you do have choices galore at the present point in time. Many experts regard the Gateway 3DS flashcard to be the best. While there are several shortcomings and complications pertaining to this flashcard, there are some benefits that other flashcards don’t offer as yet.

The first major advantage of the Gateway 3DS flashcard is that you can backup your games and you can also play with backups. You may have bought the Nintendo 3DS console in the US, Taiwan, UK or China. Regardless of where you are, you can play games from other regions and you can take backups of original games from other sources, which may be online or from other storage devices and you can play those games on your Nintendo consoles. However, it must be noted that you can only play backups of games that are not available in your region. You wouldn’t get access to the original games which are not available in the region where you have purchased the console.

The backup feature is easily the most stunning advantage of Gateway 3DS. The pack of the flashcard comes in with two flashcards actually. You get the Gateway 3DS and you get an R4i flashcard. The former is the red colored flashcard while the blue colored flashcard is the R4i. The reason why you have two flashcards in the kit is because you are going to need the second one for installation of the exploit. Besides, you also need MicroSD cards to carry out the whole process. You can go through the guide or the manual that instructs you to install the exploits and you will find it to be quite elaborate and exhaustive. The process is not necessarily complicated because the instructions are pretty lucid but when you have to engage for several minutes just to put the settings right and to initiate the whole installation, then it can be very tiring. This is certainly one major shortcoming of the Gateway 3DS. Besides, not many people would like to use 2 flashcards in the kit and additional MicroSD cards to go through the whole process.

Furthermore, the Gateway 3DS is compatible with firmware versions starting with 4.1 and ending with 4.5. Higher firmware versions wouldn’t find the Gateway 3DS to be ideal.